Month in Review: January 2015

1. Breaking the Waves
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Breaking the Waves (1996)


As has been chronicled, I’ve had a rough time watching Lars von Trier films. Yet for some reason, I wanted to go back for more. It’s with delight I can report back that my persistence paid off with Breaking the Waves. I can still see the cynical tones that will only become more oppressive in von Trier’s later films, but this film is much more palatable to my cinematic tastes. Continue reading

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Black Moon (1975)


One of the most common self-imposed restriction people make on cinema is the desire to appear realistic and coherent. While there is certainly merits in making a film that can draw the audience in, a cinema that gives little resistance to enter the world of the film, cinema can adhere to another logic: the logic of dreams. Continue reading

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The Lady Vanishes (1938)


Among the British films, The Lady Vanishes stands as an unusual work in Hitchcock’s career. Hitchcock’s signature style is here, but the structure and pacing of the story as well as the ideas at work make the film different. Some of those differences make the film one worth reflecting on as more than just a fun thriller, but sometimes the film is simply entertaining instead of enlightening. Continue reading

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TV: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 7-9


7 Hidden Truths

El and Al return to Central to discover the library that housed the doctor’s research on the philosopher’s stone has been burned to the ground. Fortunately, they discover Sheska (Chika Fujimura), a girl who worked at the library and has an amazing memory of everything she’s ever read, including the doctor’s research. Sadly, the discovery they make is that the key component to make a philosopher’s stone is a living human. Continue reading

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