TV: The Sopranos and Psychological Abuse


After finishing the third season of The Sopranos, I realized what makes the show special. There are a lot of things The Sopranos does magnificently: it humanized a morally complex cast of characters that are brought to life by an excellent cast and presented through excellent visual storytelling. However, what makes the show special for me is that it legitimizes the idea of psychological abuse.

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TV: Death Note Postmortem


Looking back on the series, I hold to what I said early in the series: I’m left without a character to root for. The characters range from psychopaths, cold intellectuals, over-the-top bags of emotions and blithering idiots. Still, Death Note is such a well-plotted show with a ton of crazy twists that it’s easy to enjoy it without identifying with any character as most episodes end with you wanting more. It ultimately aligns us with the shinigami: distant, uninvested parties watching the show for the amusement it can provide us. For your own amusement, I’ll provide my rankings as well as a few standout elements. Continue reading

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TV: Paranoia Agent 11-13


11 No Entry

After the last set of episodes that served as a series of interludes from the main plot, the series returns to the core events of Shonen Bat. Misae (Melodee Spevack), Ikari’s wife, faces Shonen Bat when she reaches the end of her rope. However, instead of becoming his victim, she spends the episode keeping him in check as she teeters on the edge of despair, recounting the events of her marriage and the growing sense of emptiness in the past few months. Continue reading

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The Celebration (1998)


No one seems to be enjoying themselves at Helge (Henning Moritizen)’s 60th birthday party. As the patriarch of the family, he has a reputation as a demanding, almost fickle man. His sons Christian (Ulric Thomsen) and Michael (Thomas Bo Larsen) arrive to the family home to find neither one of them were listed on the guest list. Their sister, Helene (Paprick Steen) is given the room of their deceased sister, Linda, who committed suicide and Helene insists her ghost still lingers in the place. Continue reading

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TV: Death Note 33-37


33 Scorn

N heads to Tokyo and tells L that they should meet face to face. N says the easiest way to end this is to kill Kira and the person who has his book, but that’s not how he does things. Unlike Kira, N is just as concerned with the means of justice as their ends. Kira gets Mikami to send 5 pages to Takada, make a fake notebook, and pretend to keep killing. Not quite sure what Kira has up his sleeve, but it’ll be interesting to see. Continue reading

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